In a matter of hours, our certified BBQ technicians take your filthy BBQ and make it new again. We disassemble, then thoroughly clean each and every part (Inside and outside of hood, burners, BBQ box, searing trays, grill grates, drip tray, rotisserie, heat stones, etc.) removing grease, carbon, and baked on food particles. We also diagnose and repair any issues you are having with your BBQ’s functionality. You are left with a cleaner, safer, tastier BBQ!

Repairs, Installation and Preventative Maintenance:

  •   Burners
  •   Grill Grates
  •   Searing Trays
  •   Heat Stones and Lava Rocks
  •   Low Heat Issues
  •   Gas Leaks
  •   Gas Regulators, Hoses and Attachments
  •   Push Button and Rotary Ignitor Modules
  •   Electrode Repair of Sparking Unit
  •   Propane / Natural Gas Conversion
  •   Gas Shut Off Valve Install
  •   Valve Repair and Install
  •   BBQ Install and Removal
  •   Side Burner

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